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richard ramirez 1990’s interview
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Serial killer Serhiy Tkach in the dock during his trial in Dnipropetrovsk. Tkach claimed to have killed over 100 girls, his victims aged between 8 and 18, although he was jailed for 29 murders and 11 attempted murders. He was a necrophiliac, performing a variety of sexual acts with the corpses, and used to be a police investigator. A variety of men were jailed under the suspicion that they had committed his crimes, one of those men eventually killing himself.
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Richard Ramirez interview from Answer Me! zine.
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There’s no reason why. It’s just that you have an incident looking for a place to happen. There’s no reason why… That’s when we try to analyse human behaviour. We can not explain it. We can’t explain every facet of it. t some point we act the way we do because of the stimuli we’re exposed to and the environment we live in.
—Ted Bundy
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"I’m not claiming a huge number… I would say it runs between 80 and 110, but over eight years and three continents…. One whore drowned in her own vomit while watching me disembowel her girlfriend. I’m not sure that counts as a valid kill. Did the pregnant ones count as two kills? lt can get confusing."
- Gerard Schaefer
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The Shining:Behind The Scenes {X}
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Manson is Carried Away By His Own Bad Temper
Charles Manson lost his temper again Friday at the Sharon Tate murder trial and was removed from the courtroom to an adjacent holding cell.
Manson’s attorney, Irving Kanarek, was questioning Steven Grogan, 19, onetime member of Manson’s “family” who himself has been indicted for a separate murder.
Grogan was volunteering answers before Kanarek could ask the questions and [Judge] Older admonished him to desist.
"That guy don’t know what questions to ask," Manson said of Kanarek. He has tried repeatedly to fire his attorney. Isn’t it weird that Manson was not allowed to fire his incompetent attorney?
Older told bailiffs to remove Manson until he could pledge to conduct himself in a proper manner.
"Your requirements as to what is the proper manner change from time to time," Manson told the Judge on his way out.
Manson became very close to being ejected during the morning session.
Manson interrupted the testimony to suggest someone to “lose their memory.”
Superior Court Judge Charles Older, who has banished Manson from the courtroom in the past for such remarks, warned him that he would be locked up in the anteroom if he persisted. 
Older said that was his “final warning.”
"I find it hard to give the court the respect that it does not give itself," Manson huffed.
(Source: UPI; March 12, 1971)